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Material Safety Data Sheet - TURKEY RED OIL

Turkey Red Oil or Sulphated Castor Oil

Information on Ingredients

Sulphated Oil:
CAS No : 8002---33---3
EINECS No :  232---306---7

Skin care / wetting agent for textile printing and dyeing / Finishing of cotton and Linen etc

Hazard Identification

None as of date, None to our knowledge.

Fire Fighting Measure

Fire can be extinguished using Carbon Dioxide, Water and Sand.

First Aid Measures

Incase of Eyes:
Wash thoroughly with water for 10---15 minutes if
any irritation persists consult a Doctor.

Incase of Skin:
Can be washed away with mild soap

Incase of Ingestion:
Wash mouth thoroughly with water If need be consult
a Doctor.

Handling & Storage

Handling in a appropriate manner which does not cause spillage due to rough handling.  Store in a cool and dry ventilated place away from any direct source of heat.

Exposure Limitation and Personal Protection Equipment

Ingredient NameCAS NoSTD: LT EXP (8 Hrs)ST EXP
Sulphated Castor Oil8002---33---3No std.No std.
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Protective gloves:
Protective gloves should be used if there is a risk of
direct contact or splash. The application to the
hands of a proprietary barrier cream is a sensible
precaution before handling oils.

Eye Protection:
wear chemical safety goggles where eye exposure is
reasonably probable.

Other Protection:
Provide eyewash station. Contaminated floor areas
may become dangerous underfoot (slippery). This
may be alleviated by spreading sand and/or using
conventional detergents to clean the floor.

Physical Data and Chemical Data

Colour: Reddish yellow

Appearance: Viscous Liquid
Colour/Taste: No characteristic odor

Specific Gravity(water=1): N/A @ 20oC

Melting Point (oC) = 85
Flash Point (oC) = 109o

Stability and Reactivity

Stability: Normally Stable

Information on Toxicity

Toxicological information: None
Available Carcinogenicity:

Information on Ecological Effects

Environmental Hazards: No information available

Recommended Disposal Procedure

Disposal Method:
Recover and reclaim or recycle, if practical, confirm disposal procedures with environment engineer and local regulations.

Transport Regulations

Road: UN No.: N/A
AIR: UN No.: N/A
Air Transport Class No.: N/A
SEA: UN No.: N/A
Sea Transport class No.: N/A
IMDG Page No. N/A
Marine Pollutant: No


Label for Supply: Not Classified
Risk Phrases: Not Classified

Further Information

User Notes: for further health & safety information contact: Health & safety Officer

Note: The purpose of the above information is to describe the  products only in terms construed as guaranteeing specific properties or as a specification. Customers information for their own particular use.

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